Re-amping is available as an online service

The amplifiers available are

Fender Deluxe Reverb II

This Fender amp is the 1980’s Paul Rivera designed mark two amp featuring 8 valves. This was the last of the hand wired amps.
The amp has two channels. Channel one (volume with bright pull, treble, bass) is similar to the mark one with a faster attack from the silicon rectifier.
The second channel features a channel designed for overdriven sounds (volume, gain, master, treble, mid, mid boost pull, bass and presence)
this was in place of the 1960’s Deluxe Reverb tremolo circuit. The spring reverb is available on both channels. The amp is fitted with a Jensen Alnico speaker.

Fender Vibro Champ recreation

This amp is as close as possible, a recreation of the 1964 Fender VibroChamp with lower background noise for recording.

VHT Special 6 Ultra Head

VOX V112HTV Cabinet

SWR Blue baby 2 bass amp

Guitar Effects Pedals available for Re-amping with the amps

Crowther Hot Cake – Overdrive Pedal
T-Rex Moller – Overdrive Pedal
Toadworks Mad Dog – Fuzz Pedal
T-rex Tremster – Tremolo Pedal
T-rex Replica – Delay pedal
T-rex Room Mate – Reverb Pedal