Stem Mixing

Stem Mixing

Stem mixing/mastering is available as an online service

Stem mixing/mastering offers more control than mastering and is more cost effective than mixing.

For the producer, composer, artist or band working in the box with software plug-ins that feel their mixes lack the warmth and depth of sound achieved from mixes produced from high end analogue consoles (Neve or SSL) and outboard equipment and yet have to deliver on a limited budget. This is the solution.

The main difference between stem mastering rather than stem mixing is more conceptual since the process used is essentially the same.
With stem mastering you are normally working from the clients stereo mix as a reference of how they want the mix balanced but we are able to process the buss outputs for superior results.

With stem mixing there is more  scope to find a new mix when a client has no final mix in place or is unhappy with the balance of the mix they have. This might involve more buss outputs up to 8 stereo buss outputs and in some cases involve extra processing from reverb units.

Stem mixing/mastering at SoundRay is achieved by converting the digital files with a meticulously accurate conversion process to the analogue domain for multi-buss compression / analogue summing using the same equipment (like the Avalon 747 and EAR 660) that is used in some of the worlds most exclusive studios.

The normal format would be mixing somewhere between 4 and 8 stereo tracks (or 6 stereo tracks and 4 mono tracks). The preferred digital format would be 24 bit Wav files starting from the same zero point.